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What is Direct Mail? Advertising sent to prospective customers through the mail direct to their residence.  Why Direct Mail? 70% of Americans believe that physical mail is more personal than the internet.  It's been USED FOR YEARS, and it WORKS because it's Effective, it's Targeted, it's Amplified With Digital Marketing, it CAN'T BE IGNORED, it's Enjoyable, it CAN REACH THOSE THAT DON'T SPEND MUCH TIME ONLINE.  Perfect for offline money-making opportunities.

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If interested in any of these programs, please just download/print out the program pages and follow the instructions to enroll.

If for some reason a program does not open for you, or you have trouble downloading, printing, etc., please call me and I can send the document directly to your email.  Call or text 219-614-2004 and speak to Cynthia.


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Join two Direct Mail programs and get 200 First Class Stamps for FREE 

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